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Maclaine Colston & Saul Rose

BOOKING April 2024 & open bookings

Mac and Saul isn’t the name of a new pasta dish, it is in fact a glorious combination of meleodeon and hammered dulcimer. They met while both in the ground breaking Kings of Calicutt with Eliza Carthy. A short lived but intense episode that led onto a duo and eventually their acclaimed first album Sand and Soil in 2009 and a track ended up on the 2010 Folk Awards album due to Saul’s nomination that year.
10 years on from Sand and Soil, and in its anniversary year they have got the bug again and are picking up where they left off with a new album in progress. Back again with their amusingly irreverent banter and of course their trademark immaculate and gutsy playing style. Recording for the new album is underway!

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