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Daria Kulesh - The Moon and the Pilot (official music video)
Daria Kulesh

Daria Kulesh - The Moon and the Pilot (official music video)

With The Moon and the Pilot, we remember those for whom 23 February 1944 was the end of the world as they knew it and the start of an outrageous injustice which cuts deep, even to this day. It's the story of a family and a nation banished from their homeland - Ingushetia - under the orders of Stalin. The dictator declared them enemies of the state in 1944 - when in fact they had been fighting for Russia in the war, and lost loved ones in the process. In the middle of winter, on 23 February 1944, Ingush and Chechen people were brutally deported from their homes... Despite being written about an atrocity carried out over 70 years ago, the theme of 'The Moon and the Pilot' is achingly current. A song of our time, a song for a world where people are displaced every day by inhumane governments and war. You can download The Moon and the Pilot single from  iTunes: Spotify: Amazon: Google Play: and many other digital stores. The song features on my album Long Lost Home - released on 23 February 2017. Remembering 23 February 1944 The Moon – Diba Posheva-Akhrieva The Pilot – Rashid Akhriev *** Music and words by Daria Kulesh Daria Kulesh – vocals Jonny Dyer – piano Kate Rouse – hammered dulcimer, backing vocals Lukas Drinkwater – double bass With thanks to: Jason Emberton (Green Room Music Production), Lauren Deakin-Davies (Folkstock Records), Helen Meissner, Rustam Merzhoev, Marem Ozdoeva, Lima Maskurova, Roger and Pat at Didcot Railway Centre; and also Alexander Kan, Albert Akhriev, Zaira Yevloyeva, Aza Malsagova, Yusup Akhriev, Amir Bazorkin, and many others Video by Adam Quelch:
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