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Daria Kulesh


Daria Kulesh has been described by Mike Harding as “one of the finest voices and one of the most intriguing and interesting songwriters on the present folk scene”. Mixing her Eastern roots with Western folk influences, she creates an original and exciting sound, full of passion and magic. She has toured extensively and has three award-winning solo albums to her name. Born in Russia but based in the UK for the last 15 years, she fearlessly explores her heritage and turbulent family history in Ingushetia (North Caucasus) with songs that "aren't just sung, but lived". This Orthodox Christmas Eve, celebrated in both Russia and Ukraine - sees the digital release of Daria’s new EP, EVE. It's a passionate plea for peace and "a terrific collection from the heart that reminds what a singular talent she is" (Mike Davies, FATEA).

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